Hello, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Maya. I’m a Sleeping consultant qualified by the
“Professional Parenting Center”,and a Parent Facilitator, qualified by the “Adler Institution” and
the Ministry of Education.
I’m happily married to Yoray and i’m a mother to 3 lovely children – Mika, Alma and Jonathan.
After many years in the Hi-tec sector I felt that I needed a change, and as a young mother I came to realize that my real passion is in the parents guiding and sleeping consultancy.
I believe that parenthood is the most meaningful and satisfying role in our lives, but it’s also very challenging and demanding. The most important role of the parent is to prepare the child for
adulthood and self independent life, and healthy sleeping habits is one of them.
I chose to practice “Good night” method because it gives full response to the emotional needs of the child without any stress. In the process the child learns to rely on the parent for support and it helps to build the trust and a strong relationship.
In the process you will learn how to teach the child to sleep throughout the night and you will profit from full nights of sleep. In the sleeping process I combine my knowledge in the parents guiding, by working with the parents about the difficulties that prevents the child from sleeping independently at night.
Every child has a different reason why he is not able to sleep at night, and together we will realize the obstacles and we will help him, by giving him an answer for his personal needs. If you are craving for a good night sleep, and you are tired of waking up all night, you are more than welcome to contact me for a free consultation call.

See you,


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