About myself: I’m a wife to Eli and a Mom to Noya and Matan

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When my daughter Noya was born it was the first time we faced sleeping challenges
Iwas very hard for me to know and identify the best time to put her to sleep, and even though she was tired- she still wouldn’t fall asleep. So I read books, asked questions in forums, asked people around me, but it made me even more confused, and I felt like I’m losing my intuition
I tried many ways and techniques to help her sleep- during breastfeeding, on my hands, rocking her in bed… I even put her in the baby carrier so she’ll fall asleep- but nothing really solved her sleeping problems and she woke up many times at nights
Then, I realized that there is only one real solution: my daughter must learn how to fall asleep independently, in her bed, without any help from me.
We reached out to a sleep consultant in “Layla Tov” method, which provides a gradual, staged program with highlights on response to crying and comforting the baby as the most important thing- and it was one of the most important things to me. The sleep consultant accompanied and supported us on a daily basis, guiding us on what to do and how to teach our daughter to fall asleep and sleep whole nights without waking up. The mission was completed successfully
After I experienced the “miracle” on my own daughter, I felt that I have to become part of the mission to help other parents facing the same sleeping problems with their babies, day in and day out, night after night
I decided to study and learn more and more about “Lyla Tov” method, so I reached out to Ganit Prag, the founder of the “Layla Tov” method, who personally trained me including both theoretical and practical training
Today I am a certified “Lyla Tov” sleep consultant and work out of New York
Service area: USA and Canada by Skype video chat, phone calls & emails

Expertise and Education: BA in Sociology and Anthropology from Bar-Ilan University and MBA with major in Human Resources from The Collage of Management. I worked many years as a Human Resources specialist in Hi-Tech companies and today I am a certified sleep consultant.


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